Hola, we are Este
A 3D design studio based in Valencia.

ESTE is a 3D design studio founded in 2022 by Alberto Carbonell & Ángela Mestre.

We create high-impact visual content and advertising for brands, specializing in art direction, motion design, and CGI. Our team is known for its creativity, responsibility, and dedication, delivering high-quality visuals and comprehensive production and consulting services.

We want to hear about your projects and help to elevate your brand.

We create hyper-realistic 3D content for your brand. Our high-resolution images and animations are versatile and can be used across all media:

Advertising Campaigns: Television, print and digital billboards, press, and more. Don't worry about image size; we're fully equipped to handle large formats.

Digital Content: Maintain consistent visual style across all your digital platforms: web, social media, mobile apps, blogs, and all your brand imagery.

Internal Content: Sometimes, you may require images and videos for internal purposes. We can provide all the visual support you need for events, internal communications, and conferences.

  • Creative Direction
    We're not just here to execute tasks; we love being part of the creative process. Our passion lies in making everything we touch better and pushing ideas forward. We believe in collaboration, creativity, and constant improvement to achieve the best results.
  • 3D Images & Still frames
    At Este, we're all about creating top-notch CGI images that make your campaigns shine. No matter what you're dreaming up, we're here to turn those ideas into stunning visuals. Whether it's for banks, interiors, or products, we've got the skills to bring your vision to life in ways that'll leave your audience in awe.
  • Animation & Motion Design
    We're not just about still images; we're masters of animation too. From captivating short clips to immersive storytelling, we bring your brand to life with motion and magic. Whether you're envisioning a dynamic product demo, a mesmerizing loop for your app, or a cinematic brand intro, we've got the skills and creativity to make it happen.
  • Production Skills
    We don't just focus on timelines; we prioritize collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our approach involves seamlessly integrating our expertise with our client's vision, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. With a keen eye on timelines and a commitment to open communication, we work together to bring projects to life efficiently and effectively.

We've got your project covered from start to finish! Our complete team includes 3D modelers, storyboard artists, art directors, motion designers, musical composers, and sound technicians, ensuring our clients receive a fully realized deliverable.

Alberto Carbonell

Co-Founder & Art Director

Alberto Carbonell is a digital creator working at the intersection of design, animation, and art direction. He is based in Valencia where he works as co-Founder & Director of Este Studio. With a solid foundation in design and art direction, Alberto's journey has been enriched by a diverse array of influences, including architecture, product design, photography, cinema, and other art forms, which helped to grow a unique visual style.

Ángela Mestre

Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Angela Mestre is the Executive Producer and co-founder of Este Studio, which specializes in CGI, Animation, Direction, High-end images, and set Design. Angela has a strong track record in producing advertising campaigns for major brands like N26, Hasbro, Ubisoft, and Cepsa.

Network of Freelancers


With our global network of freelancers around the globe, we can tailor our team to the unique demands of each project. Our operations run seamlessly around the clock; as our day in Spain concludes, our American team takes the reins, enabling uninterrupted progress.

  • 1. Creativity & expertise
    Share your vision, and we'll shape it into our own visual narrative. Our process involves research, brainstorming, and client input. We refine the plan based on feedback, compiling references & tests to craft your project's tone and narrative.
  • 2. Budget and Timeline
    We adapt the budget and timeline to each project’s needs. At this stage, we agree on all necessary details: delivery date, feedback rounds, delivery format, rights of use, and contract signing. All you need for peace of mind.
  • 3. Art Direction
    In the initial phase, we transform your idea into 3D and present various options for your selection. Your input matters, so we'll provide updates for your review during the art direction process, which typically requires two rounds of feedback for optimal results.
  • 4. Storyboard/Animatic
    This is a rough draft of the animation. It’s the moment to decide how everything will move and the timing to allow us to proceed efficiently. This is a really important part. If we have all our ideas closed by this step, starting with the 3D animation should be easy.
  • 5. Motion Design
    After finalizing the animatic, we set the images in motion and bring out our flow. During the animation process, we’ll send you some WIPs (Work In Progress) to ensure you’re happy with the progress or to make any necessary adjustments.
  • 6. Music & Sound
    Upon receiving your references, we'll craft an original music proposal tailored to your vision. Additionally, we'll enhance your videos with captivating sound design to elevate their impact.
  • 7. Rendering
    is the ultimate step, ensuring top-notch quality and delivering an exceptional video to you. Don't hold back; we're equipped with high-quality tools to tackle high-resolution renders and bring your vision to life.
  • 8. Full Production
    The optimal timeline for full production typically ranges from three weeks to two months, though this may vary based on project specifics such as length and client preferences. To ensure clarity and collaboration, we provide a detailed project schedule outlining key milestones and review points for client input and feedback.

We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients, working hand-to-hand to bring their vision to life.
We are proud creators of amazing projects for brands as: N26, CLV, Saigu, Project Lobster or Tropicfeel.